Underneath the Very High Patronage of His Excellency Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, President of the Transition,

Underneath the Under the patronage of Mr Adama Luc SORGHO, Minister of Infrastructure and Opening-up of Burkina Faso,

Underneath the Sponsorship of Mr Mahamadou BONKOUNGOU, CEO of the EBOMAF Group,

The Government of Burkina Faso in partnership with BITEL GROUP is organizing the AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM from August 31 to September 02, 2023 at the Ouaga 2000 International Conference Center under the theme "Investing in African infrastructure to enhance the impact of the Continental Free Trade Area.

For three days, the AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM will bring together more than 1,800 participants from over 70 countries, including 50 African states, over 300 CEOs, Heads of State, Ministers, heads of infrastructure financing institutions and over 200 journalists from Africa and overseas.

The AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM is the benchmark meeting place for the most influential leaders in African infrastructure financing and the heads of major African companies. It is the ideal place to discuss the challenges of economic development in African infrastructure, housing, architecture and real estate, in a high-quality environment conducive to business meetings.

Banking, private equity and financial markets specialists, representatives of international financial institutions: over 1,800 participants, including more than 300 CEOs from all over the continent, 100 bankers and financiers, and 200 leading African and international personalities are expected to attend. AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM.

AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM is more than just an event! It is the permanent platform through which African decision-makers can connect permanently with international investors and financing institutions for Infrastructure (road, air, rail, maritime, water, energy, telecommunications, etc.), Housing and Real Estate operating on the continent.

The AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM was founded by Bitel Group. It is now permanently co-hosted by the Government of Burkina Faso.

Africa Infrastructure Forum

The AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM is the must-attend event bringing together African decision-makers and leaders of influential companies in the field of infrastructure financing in Africa. With more than 1,800 participants, including 300 African CEOs, 100 bankers and financiers, and 200 leading personalities, the forum provides a forum for discussion on the economic development of infrastructure, housing and real estate in Africa. Co-hosted by the Government of Burkina Faso, the AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM is much more than an event, it is a permanent platform that fosters connections between African decision-makers, international investors and infrastructure financing institutions on the continent.

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Expected results


Exchanges on infrastructure financing in Africa will be effective.


The commitment of technical and financial partners will be increased and formalized.


The best experiences of infrastructure financing in Africa will be reviewed;


Infrastructure projects will be presented and approved;


Recommendations for better infrastructure financing in Africa will be formulated;



Le Rôle Essentiel du Secteur Privé dans le Financement des Infrastructures Africaines

Le Rôle Essentiel du Secteur Privé dans le Financement des Infrastructures Africaines

Actuellement, le financement des infrastructures africaines provient essentiellement de quatre sources : (i) les ressources

Infrastructures pour l’intégration régionale

Infrastructures pour l’intégration régionale

Le continent africain est très fragmenté. Les 54 pays d’Afrique comptent une population moyenne inférieure

Qui finance les infrastructures africaines?

Qui finance les infrastructures africaines?

Les engagements envers les opérations d’infrastructure en Afrique sont restés constants par rapport aux moyennes mobiles sur


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